Studentenwohnheim TUM Campus in The Deck Access Housing Design Guide

„Daring and stylish mesh-wrapped decks cultivate
social hot-house for students

This eye-catching halls of residence for the University of Technology in Munich contains 32 single apartments, 8 two-person and 16 four-person dwellings in two identical blocks with zigzagging concrete staircase balustrades and stainless-steel netting wraps.
Interiors are shaped by flexibility: furniture is on rollers, while adjustable fabric blinds calibrate natural light and viewing conditions, allowing students to modulate the degree of privacy they are comfortable with.
Homes are served by access decks, which also function as balconies. These are enclosed by a planted stainless-steel mesh net which acts as a safety barrier while cantilevered slabs protect staircase access routes at the open ends of each building.
A contrasting backdrop to the mesh planting, a verdant green in summer and a warm red in autumn, is provided by tapering balcony slabs, an inset glazed façade and a black aluminium doors.“

Auszug aus der Publikation „The Deck Access Housing Design Guide“
by Andrew Beharrell and Rory Olcayto

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